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You've just stumbled across a ratty old blog in which a girl named Kim uses to rant and ramble. It's also used for creative musings and was previously the home base for her NaNoWriMo progress updates. She's chill, she's cool, and she's talking in the third person making her even better than she's previously described. Come in, don't be shy and don't forget to leave a shout.

The one that got away

'Cause baby you're a firework in my teenage dream, and you definitely got that supa love.


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{000} A Creative Outlet
Tuesday, July 13, 2010 || 8:51 PM

We all have one. Whether it's a sketchbook, journal, notepad, or even gym bag. I keep my own personal journal which I write in whenever I feel it necessary. We use these outlets to express ourselves, whether we want the world to see it or not. However, by starting this blog I just want to practice my creative mind, give it a little bit of a challenge. It's my English teacher who got me to think creatively for the first time in a very long time and I figured that keeping this creative journal just might help me keep these creative juices flowing constantly.

I like writing descriptively therefore most of my writings will consist of descriptive paragraphs, each most likely constructed with the use of a writing prompt. Maybe I'll find other things to write about, maybe. But hopefully I'll be able to keep this up!