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[RNDM #1] Sisterhood
Tuesday, July 27, 2010 || 8:13 PM

So we had to do a poetry reading for class today, so yes that did require us to choose a poem to read with passion and what not. I chose a poem called Sisterhood and although I failed at reading it with passion, I really did like the poem. I got it from here

Sisterhood by Melin W.

They come from north, south, east and west
They are marching throughout this land
It's something that women call Sisterhood
That's beginning to take a stand.

They are women from every race and creed
They are women from all walks of life
They are beginning to realize who they are
Besides a mother, a lover, or wife.

They are waking up with a mighty voice
Against things that some go through
Be it abuse, shame, or just the 'game'
They are shouting they are through!

They're taking a stand against violence
Against discrimination everywhere
They've found the 'system' may fail them
And society may no longer care.
Women all ages are fighting back
For the places that they should be
In the college, the public or workplace-
In a world that only they see.

Women are demanding due respect
For jobs well done each day
For hard work in the home or office
For fair and equal pay.

The old saying "It's a mans' world",
Is one that's no longer true
For women are now getting educated
Until they finally see this through.

So never underestimate the Sisterhood
Or the women who now join hands
For the cause of saying "We are WOMEN-
who are here to change this land!!"


Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of poems but I never really thought they were lame. I suppose it's because it's not my forte that I feel uncomfortable with it. But after English in summer school, you could say my teacher showed me the way. Somewhat. As for these feminist feelings, I'm not a feminist per say, but I do agree with a lot of feminist ideas. I'm not a man-hater, I just feel that females are just as capable as men, simple as that. The only thing is I might not be a good example of that, but looking at women who DO represent that, it's admirable. In any case, I liked this poem, that was my point.