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[NANO] Day 4: 200 and so words
Thursday, November 4, 2010 || 7:46 PM

Hopefully I don't keep up this pattern of writing every other day. Thank goodness there's no school tomorrow! Anyway, I've actually added on to my paragraphs yesterday and this is it!


A cool breeze flew through the forests of the Unknown. The trees shuddered with the breath of the north winds, their leaves rustling – as if they were whispering secrets. The rustling began forming words and sentences, as if there were people living within the trees.

“Be quiet, they might hear you.”

A man stood aloft in the middle of the trees branches – or at least, he appeared to be. In reality, he stood atop a floor of oak, ornately carved with drawings and illustrations which all held the same message. In fact, he was surrounded by many carvings and artwork that adorned the walls of the tree house. Branches wove in and out of the windows, camouflaging it and making it seemingly obscure. Deeper into the tree house, a woman lay on a bed in pain as she felt the contractions come and go. Midwives were all scrambling to get cloths and water to deliver the coming baby. Female family members stood by her side, holding her hand as she pushed. Her insides felt like they were being pulled away from her body, her hands were clammy and she couldn’t bear to open her eyes. Every minute felt like an eternity and her body was in utter chaos. Not only did she feel pain around her large midriff but she felt a sharp pain inside her head – A pain that wasn’t at all affiliated with her labour.
Her body ached as she struggled to push the baby out. Her head felt like it was cleaved in two, as if there was someone digging into her head and penetrating her skull. I just want it to be over.

The thought had barely formed in her head when she felt something tugging at her heart. All of a sudden, all sound disappeared from the room. She finally squinted as she opened her eyes, only seeing shadows of figures. The pain around her pelvic area had greatly lessened, but the burning pain in her head remained. However, she felt like she was slowly being separated from the pain and felt another short tug at her heart. She began gasping for air, her lungs screaming from the sudden lack of oxygen. Her body felt as if it were paralyzed as she couldn’t feel anything more.

The man outside had heard the woman’s screams and he let out a shuddering breath.

“They are coming for you.”

Beads of sweat form on his upper brow as he strained his ear to hear for any possible intruders. He heard a small creak of the wood and drew his sword from its sheath, pointing it at the direction of the sound. The wind whistled, slowly calming down as if sensing the man’s anticipation. It was then a large figure appeared from the shadows, floating about an inch from the tree house floor.

“This is not your place, Shadow.” The man lifted his sword to point at where the figure’s head would’ve been. The figure didn’t speak but instead glided on forward. The man stood his ground but his face betrayed his emotions. It was then he felt frozen in his place, unable to move. The figure veiled the sword with its long arm, concealing it in darkness. It then withdrew again and the sword had vanished. It then glided along, this time small black strings sprouted from the figure’s neck area, wrapping itself around the man. He silently struggled against the tendon-like strings but they seemed to tighten themselves each time they sensed him willing himself to move. The dark figure then proceeded to veil the man as the screams stopped and it was then that he found the ability to speak.

“You are too late! It is done!” The man yelled, but the figure went on veiling him as it did with the sword.

And then darkness fell.