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{004} Goals and Such
Thursday, December 30, 2010 || 12:00 AM

So NaNo was a flop but I'm still writing my little heart out. 2011 is only a few days away and I'm not freaking out over that, I'm freaking out more over the fact that school is back on Monday which fucking sucks - pardon the language. In any case, I wasn't very productive so far so I hope to do something tomorrow and Friday. This is a short entry to say that I hope to write in this blog as often as possible this coming new year. I won't be doing a complete 360 in terms of personality, but just making minor changes in life such as writing everyday in this blog. I plan on keeping my writing journal with me at all times as well because I find that I have the most interesting sources of inspiration when I'm out and about. It catches me off guard a lot of the time so I think keeping one with me should be good practice. As for more materialistic things, I hope to fully complete my wardrobe makeover soon, but that means I'll have to go thrifting again with my Mom. But school comes first so how long this will take I don't know, but there's still progress, I find that a lot of the clothes I never dreamed of wearing before now appeal to me. Then again, I'm not too concerned about that particular goal.

I'm too lazy to do a complete 2010 wrap-up post (which will probably be posted in some other journal, despite my obvious laziness) so those are just a few things I'd like to do this new year. I haven't mentioned any academic related goals because they're always officially a part of my list of goals for anything and everything. Sad to say academics decide the rest of my life so I sort of have to keep them ass part of my big list of goals. Too bad my list doesn't consist of fighting Dark Wizards over exams - I suppose the ordering of my priorities just doesn't want to work in my favour.