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The one that got away

'Cause baby you're a firework in my teenage dream, and you definitely got that supa love.


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“is everybody going crazy”
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{008} Die die die
Wednesday, February 9, 2011 || 10:38 AM


To be quite honest, I don't know why I call you guys my friends. You are mean, stupid, and just really...silly. Here we are sitting inside the seminar room in Canadian and World Studies trying to mock my posture. And Derek looks like some mental patient who somehow got out of their straitjacket. Nathan just looks like he's having a spasm and Michael is just being Michael. Which is not necessarily a good thing. Why are you all like this, really.

{007} Hummingbird Heartbeat
|| 8:23 AM

Sitting in Canadian and World Studies with the Quanners aka (Trashy) Frashy aka Ashley Q. It started with Beckii Cruel and then it led to her showing me the SHAYTARDS and then watching random Koreaboo Auditions. To be quite honest, I think our audition video should've gotten more views - I mean, we could've been the life and party of the stage. We were born to perform, some people just can't appreciate true talent. Anywho, I'm currently starving and the clock just seems to be at a standstill. I honestly can't believe it's only third period. It means I already lost my motivation to work somewhere during first period because most of second was dedicated to watching random youtube videos with Ashley. Oh, the life of a Ward kid.

Useless post is useless, but tommorrow and Friday will be a bucketload of missions. Everything from writing a billion tests to dropping Chemistry (HELL YEAH). Not to mention I have to hand in a billion and one units and I think a my pre-May/June breakdown will happen any time soon. I have to get a shit load finished before March ends so it'll make the second report card cycle, not to mention course selection's at the end of this month. So basically, I have to start picking and choosing things that'll decide the rest of my life starting next week and I'll only have until March 4th to get it all done. Why is the world so mean as to put my poor soul through this endless stress. Anyway, I give up - and the title is pretty irrelevant to this post, it's just I've had this song on repeat the whole time. Love love love Katy Perry, yeah, that's right. Yeah, okay bye.