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{017} Justice Served...I Don't Know, It's Early In The Morning
Monday, April 4, 2011 || 7:33 AM

Currently sitting in one of the carols in Law. I handed in Unit 11 (FINALLY) after finishing the stupid legal brief during first. Now I'm working on Unit 12 which is, as usual, taking a little long with all the readings and such. But I was just looking through the unit (just to see how much more unit work I'd have to do) and then I saw the task that'll actually be marked.

IT'S A FUCKING QUEST UNIT, OMG CAN I CRY. I'm juggling not only this Unit in Law, but also Unit 14, 16, and 17. Unit 14 is an informal law discussion in which we were assigned "sides" to a particular case, involving two sisters who killed their mother. The discussion revolves around whether or not the two girls deserve their youth sentence or should they get the harsher adult sentence. Unit 16/17 is the mock trial double unit and I have yet to meet up with my group about that.

And speaking of group projects, I just figured out that my fucking HSP project is due today. I'm not scared because we're not done - I mean, we finished a week ago when we were SUPPOSED to present, but long story, it got cancelled etc. etc. I'm scared because I couldn't print out all the things I was supposed to, now I have to squeeze that into third period and get it all organized before fourth period. Ugh, I should really hunt down my group - OH FUCK I DON'T HAVE ANY OF THEIR NUMBERS. Kill me.

I'm just stressing even more now. The stupid thing is that I go through this every single fucking year and I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. But I honestly think I screwed myself over this year, now I'm seriously wondering what'll become of my summer. Or worse, Grade 12. (Don't think I'm failing anything, except math, long story, really my school has an alternate definition for summer school, yes, I go to one of those self-directed schools).