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{025} Hmm...
Thursday, May 19, 2011 || 7:26 PM

Okay, so I just ordered 2 2NE1 buttons from KPOP ROYALTY GOODS and I'm not sure if it was a smart investment. I'm usually very cheap when it comes to buying things, but lately, I've been shelling out money...okay, not on just anything - I've been shelling out money for food usually. ALRIGHT, not even usually, that's ALL I've been shelling out money for. It's not healthy or good, but it's FOOD, COME ON. Anyway, I got those two buttons, and I have yet to send out the payment.

I really do think that I care for 2NE1 more than I say I do. I may not be a rabid fangirl, or openly obsessive, or even diehard, but I do like these girls a lot. Although I question the direction they chose to take with their To Anyone album, I do find that I like listening to their songs as much as I like listening to the other artists and bands that I keep on my iPod. Sure, I have a soft spot for, say, other groups, but the music generated from KPop isn't something I'd listen to repeatedly. Sad to say, I probably only like a handful of groups for both music and general persona.

This is also weird but for a while, 2NE1 and Big Bang have shared the number one spot in my books for a while (in terms of my favourite KPop group), though I do still say Big Bang is and was always my only number one. But I suppose 2NE1 is slowly reaching for that title , which isn't a bad thing. I'll admit, I'm hugely YG biased, but I'm not an elitist of any sort.

This was a random rant/ramble thing. I think I post more here than I do on Livejournal...and I think I've already mentioned this a couple times. In any case, it's much more accessible, but that's not to say I don't use Livejournal anymore. On the contrary, I still check it regularly, even if I don't post.

S'all from me, tata.